Music at Pioneer Works

Pioneer Works is committed to experimentation in music and sound through artist residencies, recording platforms, and performance programs. Together, these resources are offered to musicians with the belief that free space, time to practice, and opportunities to perform and collaborate will evolve and expand their practice. Musicians, composers, and sound artists are encouraged to engage with the Pioneer Works community by teaching classes, conducting radio interviews, and dialoguing with creative individuals working and performing in the space. Programming is guided by visiting curators and a musical advisory committee, ensuring a diverse program which is not genre-specific but instead focused only on quality and substance.

The Music Residency Program and the Recording Studio

The Pioneer Works music residency program provides full access to a professional recording studio built into a shipping container in the garden with an on-staff engineer. Music residents are encouraged to perform at Pioneer Works, teach classes, and work beyond their studio to integrate their work with other programs and platforms.