Pioneer Works is a center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture.

Through a broad range of educational programs, performances, arts and science residencies, and exhibitions, Pioneer Works seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, foster community, and provide a space where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways.

The organization was founded in 2012 by artist Dustin Yellin and is located in a 25,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn. After an extensive renovation, the facility now houses artist studios, exhibition and performance spaces, a science lab, a recording studio, and other spaces as needs arise. The floor plan is open and flexible, encouraging a transparent, collaborative environment where international artists, musicians, scientists and educators can co-exist and create together.

Entry to Pioneer Works’ main exhibition space and artist-in-residence studios are free and open to the public Wednesday through Sunday, noon to 6 p.m. Tours are available upon request.

Pioneer Works is a non-profit 501(c)(3).



Board of Directors


  • Dustin Yellin, Founder & Director
  • Gabriel Florenz, Director
  • Marcia Santoni, COO

  • Nimrod Barshad, Web Developer
  • Regine Basha, Residency Director
  • Douglas Calhoun, Weddings Manager
  • Ben Castanon, Institutional Development Manager
  • Vivian Chui, Curatorial Assistant to the Director
  • James Clark, Technical Director
  • Becky Elmquist, Communications Director
  • Greg Fox, Director of Music Development
  • Joey Frank, Editor, Intercourse Magazine
  • Justin Frye, Audio/Video
  • Rosario Güiraldes, Editor
  • Rachel Haberstroh, Education Coordinator
  • David Everitt Howe, Curator / Editor
  • Daniel Kent, Design
  • Rhianna Lehman, Events Coordinator
  • Janna Levin, Director of Sciences
  • Akeem McDermitt, Maintenance
  • Marco Orozco, Director of Music Programming and Operations
  • Carlos Perez, Maintenance
  • Marisa Prefer, Gardener
  • Will Rhodes, Design Assistant
  • David Sheinkopf, Director of Technology
  • Lauren Silbert, Program Coordinator for the Sciences
  • Bethany Tabor, Technology and Education Coordinator
  • Toccarra Thomas, General Manager
  • Daniel Thompson, Maintenance Supervisor
  • Julian Townley, Installation & Construction
  • Cassie Wagler, Community Programs and Outreach
  • Zach White, Bookstore and Publications Manager